9 Boring Clocks

July 8, 2008
By Aaron Gregory, Dousman, IL

They are the only ones who waste my time. I am one who ignores them. 9 boring clocks, with hands just like mine. 9 who sit in each room, watching me. 9 reasons why I am late. From our chairs, we watch them, and most hate these clocks.

Their authority is obvious. They strike each hour, giving each student a new sense of relief. They sit on the wall like a mosquito planning on which student will be its next victim. This is how they watch.

If one of us forgot about these things, detentions would flow like a stream into a lake. Tick, tock, tick, tock, the clocks whisper while I stare. They torture.

When I am too bored and too stressed out to pay attention any longer, I sit and stare at these clocks. When there is nothing worth listening to in this classroom. 9 who still tick and tick in spite of the students. 9 who watch and don’t forget to watch. Four who’s only reason is to irritate.

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Fromthewater said...
on Aug. 28 2008 at 8:38 pm
Sweet poem--I have often stared at the mocking clocks also!

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