July 8, 2008
By Alysha Burczyk, Dousman, WI

I was gasping for air, my throat was slowing closing, the tears dripping one by one down my cheek. It was the worst feeling I have ever witnessed. For sure I thought that I would be alone for the rest of my life. Thoughts running through my head like a car going 90 miles an hour, didn’t no what to think, didn’t no what to do.

Years went by, still the same answer. Never did I think to myself he wouldn’t stop liking me. From kindergarten to the beginning of freshman year in high school. Will you go out with me? Will you date me? Still the same answer. Why I kept denying him, I have no idea why. Freshman year I started to like him, but I realized that I had ruined everything. Not a word was said to me besides maybe a “hey” or a “what’s up” in that hallway. I was about to give up.

Sophomore year had showed up, I made my share of mistakes. Skipping school, getting into trouble. I had become a habitual truant, with all my tardies, and absentees.
I opened my mail box to find a ticket; I finally got it this time. Weeks past, it was time for me to go to court. I opened the Waukesha county court doors; I could feel the fear rushing through my body. When I turned the corner, he was there. “God, look what I have missed out on” I thought to myself. We started to talk while we had to wait to be called in by the judge. We exchanged numbers and before you know it, we were texting each other back and forth.

Days passed, we began to hang out a lot. On May 23, 2008 everything had changed. I had just gotten home from meeting his parents, and kicking it with his buddies. Ring…Ring…I ran to the phone.
“Hello.” I answered.
“Hey, it’s Juan.”
“O Hey, what’s up? Today was a blast.”
We talked for hours. Then, the question was asked once again.
“Hey, Alysha, I have a question.”
“Ya, let’s hear it” I said.
“Do you wanna be my girl?”
My face began to get hotter. I was so happy to hear what he had just asked. I felt like I couldn’t even answer him because I was just too happy. But I shaped up and I said it, I said yes!

Now, July 7, 2008, Juanito Cervantez and I are still dating. I plan on staying with him for longer than an eternity. What people don’t really understand, or see is that he has a sensitive side to him. He’s sweet, he makes sure no one disrespects me or my family. He’s gorgeous with his big brown eyes, and the way he smells, is ughhh. I love him, and he loves me.

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