When All Hope is Lost

July 8, 2008
By Sarah (Sadie) Palmer, Mukwonago, WI

“Someone help me please. Help, Help, Help, is there anyone there to help me?” As I try to swim I am slowly going under the water. “I don’t want my life to end right now I am only 10 years old my life has just begun I cant let my life go now I have made to many plans that I have to fulfill in my life someone has to be out there who can hear me is there no one who loves me?” I think to myself. I hear my mother yelling
“Lily where are you? Lily, Lily, Lily my baby girl where are you? Don’t play any games with me.” With the last breath that I have I tried to yell back to her
“Mother, Mother, Mother help me pleas I can’t swim. Mother help me I want to live.” Still there was no reply. With water now above me and under me I have lost all hope. There is no one out there to help me no one at all. I start to see blackness. Thoughts running through my head like,
“Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I swim? Is this the end of my life? I didn’t even get to tell my mother that I love her. The last thing that I told my mother that I Hated her and I never ever wanted to see her again. Now I relies that I really do love my mother and I want her to know that.” With the rest of my strength I swam to the top of the water and yelled,

When I thought that all hope was lost I heard someone calling my name,

“Lily, Lily, Lily are you out here Lily?” I had hope but then I lost my hope I had no strength. All of a sudden I saw a rope drop down in front of my and my hope came back.

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