July 8, 2008
By Josh Lepak, Wind Lake Wisconsin, WI

Eyes are interesting in our family. My mom and I have the same ocean colored eyes. My brother and sister have rich sky blue irises. This differs from the eyes of my dads side. They are a soil colored eyes. Jacob has clone eyes of his mother which are like the side of a dark wood. Kris has the eyes of a coyote with no shelter watching the coming rains. My dad has the watchful eyes of a cougar stalking its prey waiting for the perfect moment. The eyes I was born with differ from anyone elses I know. Mine are like a proud eagle watching its homeland in ruins. They also show the deep blues and greens of deep thought and understanding. What they see is as intriguing as how the world sees them. I’ll never forget my brothers familiar innocent eyes, always trying to do the right thing, but frustration with why it can’t be mutual with the world. Though our eyes have differences, we all see the same things, just in a different way.

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