The Last Bite

July 6, 2008
By Maddie Cohen, Minnetonka, MN

France, packed with antique bakeries, was stained with the vigorous scent of sinful desserts. The mouth-watering tarte au chocolat, consistently lukewarm from the baker’s magic oven, possessed an aroma so saccharine that my repressed nostrils lured me to make the purchase. The luscious treat, dark as a winter’s evening, resembled a piece of art that belonged beneath a glossy showcase in a Parisian museum. I worshipped each individual bite of the sugary-sweet wonder over the course of the consumption of my very last chocolate tart in the city of love .

Fumes of liquid chocolate and crumbly almond crust spread throughout the winter air. Overcome with temptation, I longed to sink my teeth into the warm, wet sensation; yet I wasn’t ready to stop gazing at my gooey, gourmet pie. No doubt that the finality of the gratifying consumption would be overbearing. The gorgeous crust had a diameter no larger than that of a muffin, its tone a pretty golden brown like honey. My heart pounded as I gently clutched the edible fragility in my hand. Hot tears would silently spew in rivers down my cheeks if I were to break the delicate dessert before my mouth enveloped the phenomenal sweetness. That buttery crust cradled the blackness of the drying fluid, smooth as the thick chocolate itself. I caressed it with my little finger, doing all I had in my power to avoid the infliction of damage upon such a precious creation.

The filling of the tart was pure cream, achingly angelic and fluffier than one can imagine. The enchanting mixture of the airy cream and the morsels of pure sugar and the pleasantly bitter cocoa gripped me under a spell. The thickness, complete with fresh eggs, dandelion-yellow butter, and bright whiteness of the flour, was positively sublime for the visual, olfactory, and gustatory senses. Piercing whiffs sent me soaring high, like a dove. The gratifying acridity of the chocolate and the potent sugar complemented each other greatly. Hypnotic brown hues, composing a warm bath of chocolate, nearly seduced me to the point of leaping in and taking a scorching dip.

To top off the luxurious pleasure, a sprinkle of silky golden dust decorated the sizzling heat of the sultry chocolate. The sheer gold wounded my wide eyes. The ravishing dust completed the exquisiteness that only a soul with an impeccable sense of aesthetic could feasibly compose. The chocolate, pure perfection, was a delectation to the senses.

I ultimately placed the beauty on my drooling tongue, sinking my sharp teeth into the moisture. Flavors danced in my mouth, capturing me under a spell of passion and delight. The chewy almond crust crumbled onto the heat of my greedy taste buds, roughly sticking to my palate. The velvety chocolate, however, sent me rushing into a state of high. I savored it as if I had brutally suffered starvation for the past months, swooshing the ambrosial treat left and right in my tickled mouth. The lukewarm mixture weighed my ecstatic tongue down, thick and heavenly. The unique flavor of chocolate had plunged down from the shimmering heavens above.

I sank my teeth into the gloriousness of my final chocolate tart, once more gobbling up the sticky decadence. I sloppily licked my nearly black lips and rapidly pressed my eyes shut as yet another sugar rush skyrocketed to my throbbing brain. I had fallen in love with the palatable decadence, deep and true. After a matter of seconds, solely one bite of the tart remained. I placed it gently on my tongue and carnivorously devoured it, a true lover of all things sweet. In a fleeting moment, the experience withered away, stripping my senses and leaving them abandoned.

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