The Letter

July 1, 2008
By Kelli Stephenson, Zebulon, NC

Dear Boyfriend,

The first time I saw it we were driving somewhere in your car. You were talking to someone on the phone, and you said something that made me laugh (shocker there) and you smiled and there it was. You were wearing sunglasses and the sunlight was all over you and that smile just lit you up. And then it was gone. Ever since I’ve devoted my entire existence to bringing it out again. It’s rather rare, but most beautiful things are—and that thing is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Warm and fuzzy doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling it evokes…the only word I know for it is love. Which is terrifying, really, you’re terrifying. I feel like you crept up on me, like I’d been hit by a freight train and didn’t even notice. Like I woke up one day and realized that now you occupy an ocean-sized hole in my heart. Suddenly I’m so smitten that I can barely function. We joke a lot about how much control I’ve got over you. But every time you pull me into your arms, every time you say my name, every time you stun me senseless with that awfully devastating smile of yours it’s all I can do to hold myself together. Because some impatient, squirming thing is trying to break out of my ribcage just to get closer to you. As if you weren’t already holding it in the palm of your hand.



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