The Storm

July 2, 2008
By Casey DeAngelis, Cumberland, RI

The clouds parted. The air smelled of fresh clean rain. Puddles shimmered as the cars drove by, creating a pummling thunder on the ground as the rain came rolling in. Lightening flashed from somewhere in the distance. We were out getting food. As we pulled away the rain started to pound against the steel hood of our Tacoma. The trees were swishing in the wonderous breeze. crowds dispersed into the nearest buildings as the rain moved forward. the whole sky was covered in clouds so close to the ground that even the homwless sould fill their canteens with the pure water. All of this occured on the drive to my grandmothers house. As I sat on my grandmothers porch I watched this beautiful storm. The swing was swinging and the rain was pouring down onto the field of McCoy stadium. a flash of lightening so purple that it made Barney look foolish, flashed from the gray skies above and a drumming of thunder beat off in the distance. The rain was magnificant. The storms end was as sudden as its beginning.

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