Behind Hidden Doors

July 1, 2008
Ever since I was in the sixth grade, I’ve had these dreams, dreams that were unexplainable. Some dreams were about the music that we hear today for instance the song by Matchbox Twenty “How Far We’ve Come”. On the next day, after I dreamt about that song, I knew how it went and soon I would forget. Another dream happened. I dreamt a clip of a video which now is known as “Give It To Me” from Timbaland.
Now, hopefully you guys are going to be able to handle what I’m going to say next. It is very, very much of a value. Not just a value, but a “SHOCK VALUE”! There was an accident that occurred on Ajo and La Cholla in Tucson. When I got on the school bus and notice that we were going to a different route that we usually don’t take. I thought to myself that it was strange to take another route. Before we were getting close to the street about half way of the street, I knew what had happened.
From that exact moment, I said “Crap, an accident happened.” Without no one telling, seeing, and by not even listening to the radio. And guess what, this I dreamt since I was in the sixth grade. That was 4 years ago. Want to know what’s more creepier than the accident? Is that I’ve been having déjà’ vu’s everyday ever since I moved into a new house and moved into Cholla High.
But wait there’s more. Everyone that I know now, my friends and teachers seems as if I have already met them before. So now I don’t even know what to do anymore because it seems that I can’t even take 2 steps outside the door no more. A vision seems to happen every single day of my L.I.F.E. My life seems to be in despair, especially not knowing what life has in store for me because of these preposterous dreams. This all occurred before I moved into Tucson while in Phoenix.

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