'' The Point ''

June 26, 2008
By Da'Tonya Johnson, Edenton, NC

As we were sitting around the living room table my cousin, bad boy, and my mom. We were waiting for my sister Paulicia, my daddy, and fat boy to come out so we can start.

The walk in like they are the champs or something, but they don’t know we had a plan to take them down on this battle. As we started I know something was going to happen that night even bad or good.

Picking picture, then drawing, like always somebody got to cheat and makes up the whole time as we enjoying ourselves in this battle until . . . . . .
We realize that my sister was cheating and we were at the last point but as my mommy always said ‘’ cheaters never win, winners never cheat.’’
Down to the last point (scare as all outdoors) like slow motion, picking a card out the deck. Then it came as I pick this card, draw it on the board my cousin finally yelled ‘’ the cat in the hat’’ yea we won this game!!!! We are the new champions of win, lose, or draw!!!

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