Pickle Thief

June 25, 2008
By Jasmine Bunch, Edenton, NC

I was outside one afternoon riding my bike down Queen Street. Later that afternoon my stomach started to growl so I went in my house and got a juicy, cold pickle. After I got in the house I ate my pickle and turned on the TV. I started to watch "House Of Pain". Later, after I watched a little TV and ate a pickle I got another one and went back outside and rode my bike some more. Ka boom! I heard a loud noise. I looked around to see what or who it was and I did not see anyone so I rode a little faster. Suddenly, I was flying through the air. I fell on my face and blacked out.

Finally, when woke up I was on the ground with the creepy crawlers. Then I saw a boy walking up to me. I got scared and started to slide back trying to get away. A few minutes later I saw Quail in my face and he snatched my pickle out my hand, bit it, and gave it back. And then I began to run.

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