That Person

June 25, 2008
By Esssence Walton, Tyner, NC

One morning I was sitting in the classroom minding my own business, then that person walked in and said something to me.

I asked her, "What is your problem talking to me like that?"

She told me that a person told her that I was talking about her. I said, "I did not say a thing about you."

Then something came out of her mouth that made me want to snatch that hair out of her head, but I caught myself before I said something bad that may hurt that person feelings. I asked her who told you that I was talking junk about you.

Then she got all in my face. I told her to get out of my face.

Then in the afternoon I asked my teacher, "Can I go to the counselor to work out my problems?"

I told the counselor about that person and what she did early in the morning. She told me I need to work it out, but I said I do not want to talk to that person.

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