The Pulse; The Aching Beat of Music

June 19, 2008
By Meagan Calhoun, Drumore, PA

The scent of music and the roar of the crowd vibrates through the air, which creates a pulse so vivid I could almost reach out and touch it. The music is like a narcotic, drawing my ear closer and I swim through the crowd. My mind is fixated on the pulse that is wrapping itself around me, weaving through the atmosphere to connect with the source of the music. We all stand before the band, beneath the flickering lights, swaying to the pulse. We are all drawn together in this one moment, connected, as we listen to the breathing, living beat of the music.
If we had met at any other place, at any other night, we would be considered strangers. Here, though, as I look around, it’s not strangers that I see, but friends. The pulsating music is what joined us together. Our fears, our sorrows, regrets, pain, anger- I see them all vanish here, beneath the flickering lights. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and also rare, to see complete peace. This, I think, is something that I never want to forget.
Around me I see people reaching into their pockets and they pull out their lighters, all swaying to one phrase that drifts through the air: “And she’s climbing a stairway to heaven…” Taking a closer look, I watch flames being held high, swaying back and forth. The air is filled with a simple harmony lingering, floating as the band breaks into another song, filling my ears.
The crowd is lifted into an uproar: Around me people are jumping, shouting for more. Everything becomes a giant blur as energy fills the room. The drums are pounding, the guitars are shredding, the lead singer screams into the microphone and the crowd screams along. Soon, it will all calm down, but for now we are left screaming our heads off.
As the band finishes their last song the crowd begins to disperse. I turn to go with them, though I long to stay; there is music still ringing in my ears and the pulse remains lingering in the air. I watch as they turn off the lights, following the crowd out into the chilled night air. For now, we are nothing but strangers.

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