Best Friend

June 19, 2008
By Terran Ebel, Larrabee, IA

"Best friend" is not just another word for "friend". In my mind and thinking, I think of it as someone to open your hearts and minds to, sharing secrets that you don't want anyone else to know about. Someone to have sleepovers and just be crazy with.

So far it pretty much explains my "best friend". She'd caring, truthful, honest, funny, crazy, smart, and pretty.

This friend that I have means so much to me. She goes through all my troubles and pain just to help and cheer me up. She goes through all the trouble just to make me smile.

I have a lot of other wonderful friends in my life, but my best friend just knows how to brighten my day more than anyone I have ever known.

Even though I am still young, and I know I will make lots of new friends in my future, but she will always be known as my "true" best friend in my life, and nothing can ever change that. She will always be in my heart, forever.
My best friend's name is, Emily.

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