Broken or Rebuilt

June 17, 2008
By Catherine Hogarty, Lakeland, FL

Human beings are slowly becoming unfounded animalistic creatures that walk around aimlessly with no purpose. I have explored, tested and pushed the human state of mind of the people closest to me and the result was painfully obvious.
They can no longer think for themselves,they look for others to solve simple equations that one that uses his whole mind and energy could figure out without thinking twice. They take no risk unless hoping for a rush of some sort. Feeding on adrenalin and excitement they keep themselves at a high that cannot be reached at all times.
Living on thespain the have become dark and prespicacious souls. Living and feeding on manic addictions the have built their world on pain and tragedy, false love and friendships, traitor to all other human beings known and unknown.
Constantly breathing in and absorbing harmful news, negative energy, and abusive treatment. Will we ever be right again, or will we just adapt.

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