Heart Broken

June 16, 2008
By richard sasamoto, San Jose, CA

The day of courage, the day of infamy, the day of rage, seem like rain drops poring down my window. I hurt her, I broke her, I let her down. how can I be so cruel. she is my angel, she is my friend, she is my mother who I love without sin. how can one man stand today and say he doesn't love his mother. is it hatred, is it agony, or is it pain. the love for a mother is not just a void that can be replaced or filled, it is but the essence of life, it is food for the soul, and every time I speak out of turn I fall to my frail knees, and say what have I done, iv made my heart bleed from her eyes,and I know iv got find a way to get to her heart before it gets torn apart. in need you more the anyone, and I'm so glad that your mine, you mean to me more then what I mean to you, they say a mothers love is like no other but they forgot about a sons love for his mother. every kiss and every hug given at night makes me peaceful and I know I could die in my sleep and be just all right. Mama I really need you in my life, and no matter what I have to do I'm not going to to let God take his angel before I hold you in my arms and say, you are my angel, you are my friend, you are my mother and you will never have to be heart broken again.

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joesph s. said...
on Aug. 16 2008 at 10:40 am
freaken awesome

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