One Morning in Nagasaki

June 13, 2008
By Justin Thomas, Beaverton, OR

What a perfect place Nagasaki was. Waking up to the purest of sunlight beaming through the open window with almost transparent curtains, floating to the wind’s light current. The man walked to the door with bare feet, Feeling each light thump of his heels to the smooth dark wood floor. Approaching his sliding door, his adrenaline burst through him as he thought about the sight he would be able to see again. It never got old.
With his hands to his right side, gripping the bamboo handle, he pushed left. As the door glided to the other side of the wall a sharp crack of sunlight then magnified to a world of paradise. Emotions balled up inside of him as he took his steps out to what felt like a whole new world. All tension flowing out with one breath of the soft, fresh air whistling around him.
Looking among the landscape from the top side of the mountain, he could see peace like he’d never seen it before. From left to right, his eyes wondered through all aspects of the land. Trees, filled with a vibrant green covered the valley around a distant city of copper, half-diamond shaped roof tops above thin, white wood walls. He could see hundreds of the small homes. Life everywhere he looked from the flying bugs around his presents to the distant beings in the city.
Past the city, flying white doves caught his eyes on the flat horizon between an ocean, full of a pure, dark blue and a contrasting blue of a cloudless sky with the bright surreal sun. As the pure, morning air ran up against his body, he could feel his heart. He felt induced with pure love for his home. As he inhaled as much air as he could into his lungs he looked up and closed his eyes. As he exhaled he opened his eyes to an amazing sky.
He focused into the sky, for something was odd. He could see something coming, something with a jet stream. It came, screeching down. His body went completely into shock and his legs locked up as he walked inside his house for cover. He knew what it was. He froze, trying to look for the best cover he had but before he knew it, his walls lit up with the blinding light rays exploding through his windows and a powerful boom exploded through the skies. At that point, he fell to the ground hard. Unconscious he was.
When awaking, all he could hear himself slowly breathing in and out. He could feel each dust and Debreu particle float through his lungs. His eyes opened, revealing a blurred vision of his curtains swaying in a mist of dust. Blinking twice sharpened the vision. His curtains were hanging from there corners, ripped up. He couldn’t generate him emotion to care about them. He felt so lost. The setting was wrong.
He caught perspective to where he was. He looked around and saw that the door was blown off its tracks. As he turned his head back a reflection catches his eye. Glass is everywhere as it was just spilled out of a bucket. A beam of sunlight peaks through the doorway and reveals the dust again. He gets up from the position he was in against the wall. The window is but a frame and as he looks through it he looses feeling itself. So caught in disbelief, he says to himself, “Was it real, has this really happened?”
“How could something like this happen?” He said while pacing to the porch. He looked at the scenery as though having déjà vu. A light coat of dark clouds were clouding his vision. He looked left to right and the first thing that caught his eye was the distant city, no longer a city but a death valley. He could no longer see the houses for what they were. The only thing left of them was crumpled walls or their scorched structure frames. Every building had been hit with devastation, but the city wasn’t the only thing that had been hit.
The outskirts, the mountainous hills around the city had been affected too. All the trees that had once been blooming with their rich green were now smashed down. He could see that all the trees had fallen away from the city. The scene felt empty, discharged, and desolate. He wiped his hands down his face thinking he’d get a better sense but the same picture appeared in his eyes.
The sky was not to be seen, for a giant mushroom shaped cloud was unraveling into all different directions. The pure water was empty black with an opposing smoke gray above its horizon line.
What was next to come. The man sat down on his dirt-covered porch. He looked down at the ground to see dirt lines as though a strong wind had pushed everything out of the city and up through the mountains. The man sunk and remembered the sight he had seen. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and softly said, “Oh, what a perfect place Nagasaki was.”

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