New York YAnkees of 2008

June 12, 2008
By Jason Foo, Holmdel, NJ

It is almost a month and half into the Major League Baseball Season and the New York Yankees still have a lot of work to do. This will be their last year playing at the current Stadium before they move to their new ballpark. They want to do well for the fans this year and they still have a lot to prove.

The Yankees are not off to such a great start this year and they are currently in fourth place in the AL East Division. The Yankees have had some troubles at the plate so far and cannot drive in those key runs in the late innings, which leads to their downfall in some games. Their pitching staff has been doing well as of late, but they haven’t been winning because they aren’t getting run support. A recent call up from the Minor Leagues, Darrell Rasner, has been pitching exceptionally well.

You would think that hitting would not been a problem for the Yankees because they have such a high payroll, but it is. They have the stars on their team to do it, like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, but they can’t get the clutch hit in the late innings. The only consistent hitter on their team has been Hideki Matsui. When one batter gets hot, another batter in their lineup gets in a slump. They all have to be hot at the same time for them to start scoring runs.

If the Yankees do keep this up, you can forget about them winning the Al East Division. I still believe that the Yankees can come back and start playing real baseball like they have in the past. Just remember last year when the Yanks were down 14.5 games. The Yanks managed to come back within 2 games of first place behind their rivals the Boston Red Sox. If the Yankees pitching staff does well and their bats start to come to life, then the Yankees will be on top of that division in no time.

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