How It feels

June 11, 2008
By Jordan Kirschner, Cherry Hill, NJ

how it feels to be alone in a room by yourself is how i feel sometime i want to be locked in to the one place where know one can find me. Other days i feel great and cant wait to go to school to see my friends. It happened i lost my 2 best friends ever it hurt real bad at first but now quote by the dixie chick "its too late to make things right i proboly wouldnt if i could" is exactly what i live by. Sure i was kicked out of my "group" but now im in my own group with people who i feel are my best friends. I think this whole experience made me become what i am today which is a happy 13 year old that always want to be around her friends. These few words help me get thru the day i say them every morning BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, BE STRONG.

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