A Moment Held Onto

June 11, 2008
By Rachael Reis, Clarkston, MI

The place that she loved,
and her second home, our family cabin.
But times were about to change,
that place wouldn’t be the same anymore.
Three years have gone by,
I still haven’t gone back.

The dock shifted from
footsteps upon it.
The left side of the boat
altered its position as our family boarded.
The blue water rippling away from the side.
Grandma always wanted them here.

The boat began to back up,
silence flowed between our family.
The dreary clouds above us,
with just a peek of sun.
The daily boat ride just like normal,
except someone was missing.

We circled the lake, another tradition,
and finally reached the spot.
Docked the boat and slowly got off.
We all gathered on the beach.
Preparing for something of importance,
something that would never be forgotten.

We walked along the shore,
as each of us helped spread the ashes.
The grasping of my hands on the box,
as the ashes slowly flowed into the lake.
A moment, a long time ago,
which will be held onto forever.

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