Broken Girl

June 10, 2008
By Keya Millionie, Redmond, OR

The screams of "I Love You",
Fell on deaf ears,
No one can hear all her cries and her tears.

Her heart trapped in a box,
To which he held a key.
As he picked up the box she cries,
"Don't you do this to me"

He opened the box,
In half she heard her heart tear.
"I trusted you with that,
Don't you even care"

With a grin on his face this is all he could say,
"I'm sorry, but you should have known this would happen one day,
i've moved on hun, you should to,
And no, I no longer care for you."

Her life did go on, her heart she did mend,
only for it to happen again,
They tear her heart in two, and three, and four,
And once again walk out the door.

Eventually she'll learn to keep her heart for her own,
But she just can't handle to be all alone.

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