Planets On Your Face

June 6, 2008
By Jennifer Gebhardt, Slingerlands, NY

Lots of people have had a big red thing, called a pimple or zit that went right in the center of their face. They have felt like their friends won’t hang out with them because of the way they look. Well they’re not alone.

Zits are hormonal, for girls and for boys, even some adults. Many kids make fun of other kids who have zits and it’s not right. Next year, next month, next week, you could be the one with the zits and the “geek” that you used to think of other kids as.

People with zits are not dirty; actually they’re just as clean. Most of them wash just as well as you do, maybe even more. All those hot magazines all have perfect looking people which more than half of the population of the country looks nothing like. Not one of those skinny models has one zit on their face, that’s because most of the editors that create those magazines use Photoshop. You’re not the only one out there. Stars these days do have pimples, they do have zits, and they do have black heads, and so do I. I’ve had days where I wake up and it’s an important day and that pimple just makes your whole day go down because of your whole self esteem.

It’s hard not to get caught up with this society where everyone has to look perfect 24/7. Everywhere I look there are people that just look so unhealthy because of what they’re doing to themselves, whether it’s smoking, being too thin, overweight, drugs; it’s all so wrong.

I know why kids make fun of other kids because of their zits. They think they’re funny to their friends because they are making fun of them, and they don’t know a lot about them. Do you think they want zits? Do you think it’s their fault they have them? Zits can be hereditary; it could run through their families. Medication doesn’t always help; sometimes it does go away for people. Sometimes it helps a few people a little bit and other times the medications just do not work at all.

Next time you see somebody with zits, try not to make fun of them, they’re just like you on the inside.

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