The Lovable Losers

June 5, 2008
By Arturo Zuniga, Chicago, IL

They call the Chicago Cubs the “Lovable Losers”. It’s funny, sometimes I don’t see why they call us losers and other times I can’t agree more. I’ve been a Cubs fan most of my life, I get it from my brother. I bleed Cubby Blue, as they say, and I would never give that up. The Cubs are the best team, in my opinion, and I wouldn’t dare have as much pride in for other team. I’m not the only Cub’s fan in the world, for there are millions of us all over the world. Being a Cubs fan is like being part of a huge family.
I remember when I first started developing the love I have for the Cubs. It was in the beginning of the 2003 and the Cubs had “one of the best pitching rotations”, as my brother put it. Their rotation included; Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Matt Clement, and Carlos Zambrano. Most of them seemed to be pitching the best they ever would in their careers. That season, Kerry Wood tied for the most strikeouts, 20, thrown in a game. That season sure looked like the World Series Championship would belong to the Cubs.
That year I learned what being a Cubs fan was all about. Furthermore, it taught me a lot about baseball itself. I was around eleven years old and I remember watching almost every single game with my brother. Additionally, the first time I was ever inside Wrigley was that season as well. In the end, I would discover what being a Cubs fan was all about.
At first, I loved being a Cubs fan. The Cubs were red hot that season and were taking down team after team. However, there were moments when being a Cubs fan was the toughest. The ending of the 2003 season was a sad one for the Cubs and all of us Cubs fans, which was when I truly learned what it was like being a Cubs fan. The Cubs were playing the Marlins in a series that would determine which team would get to go to the World Series, which is like the “Super Bowl” of baseball. The Cubs lost to the Marlins, which was a real heartbreaker to me and all the other Cubs fans in the world. I felt like the world had come to an end, it was very painful for me when they lost.
That season taught me so much, despite its rough ending. It taught me that being a Cubs fan wasn’t just about loving your team when they are winning, it’s about supporting your team through thick and thin. No one knows this more than Cubs fans, trust me. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, however they have the most loyal and supporting fans in all of baseball history. If you want proof, just visit the classic and beautiful Wrigley Field.
Wrigley Field is known for selling out almost every single baseball game it hosts. The stadium always fills with Cubs fans that are eager to see their favorite team play. Many people come from different places in the nation just to be in that awesome Wrigley Field crowd. Being in the crowd is like being part of one big voice. Cubs’ fans love to get loud and let their opinions be heard. I can honestly say that Wrigley is my favorite place to be.
The Cubs may be known as the “Lovable Losers”, but I wouldn’t dare turn my back on the Cubs. I dream of the day they win the World Series and the “curse” is broken. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I love the cubs more than any other team and I’m sure it’ll pay off soon enough. Winning a championship must be nice, however winning a championship and proving everybody wrong must be twice as nice. Thus, I’m willing to stick with the Cubs and wait for the day that they are no longer seen as the “Lovable Losers”.

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