School Lunches

June 4, 2008
By Alejandro Uribe, Woodboorn, OR

I think that we should have more and better school lunches. The first reason fore wanting a better school lunches is that the lunches are too small you can’t fill up on one small meal. A small spoon full of spaghetti and a cup of milk and then if you’re lucky you will properly get some chips .my second reason fore wanting a better school lunch is Do you really like drinking milk every day? I think that instead of drinking milk we should drink orange juice. Milk is good for you but orange juice is the same so what’s the difference?
My third reason for a better school lunch is that the time for eating the lunch is to short. You get like n 30min to eat your lunch which it’s to short to eat your lunch. When you’re in the end of the line you only get 10 min to eat your lunch and that’s a short time.

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