June 4, 2008
By Javier Partida, HUbbard, OR

I think that we should not wear school uniforms if we were told to or asked to we should decide to or not. I just simply do not like school uniforms and I have three reasons for it. First: they are uncomfortable; it doesn’t fit all the people’s personality or they just simply hate to wear school uniforms and the white shirt can get real dirty when you spill some food or accidentally fall on the grass during recess.
Like I said the school uniforms are sometimes uncomfortable and trust me I used to wear school uniforms back in Elementary School and I did not like it one bit. The Uniforms were too tight and when I wanted a bigger size I got it and it was too big even when I was wearing a belt.
The school Uniforms don’t fit everyone’s personality take my word I do not like them and I know people that also do not like them. I know some people that barely ever wear pants they wear shorts every day and if they were asked to wear school uniforms, (which includes blue pants and white shirt) they would not wear it.
And my biggest reason for not wearing uniforms is that if you get the white shirt dirty with a grass stain or anything else, you are out of luck because the school might not have extra clothes so you are going to be with dirty clothes for the rest of the school day or until you get home. And some students would not want to go through that (like me.)
So I hope that I have convinced you that we should not have to ever wear school uniforms in our school because they are uncomfortable, it doesn’t fit everyone’s personality, and the uniforms can look dirty with just a little stain because the shirt Is white. And because we might not like them very much.

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