When Teachers Don't Care

June 4, 2008
By Victoria Sargent, Attleboro, MA

It seems as if at one point or another every student finds themselves in a tight situation with their teachers or grades. So, what do students do when teachers don’t seem to care if you fail?

Every year I end up with decent teachers. If I’m failing a class they help me so I am no longer in that situation, but this year I had one teacher who didn’t care whether I failed or dropped out. He just wanted to make me understand that I would be forced to do one of these.

When I approached my dean to speak with him, I was a little nervous. In most cases, teachers are believed instead of students. I knew I had to make a plan so I wouldn’t fail that class or any class.

I decided to create a four step plan:

Step One: Make sure you don’t talk back to the teacher; this will only create problems and more of an excuse for the teacher to treat you with disrespect or pick on you. Approach the teacher and make your problems known, in a calm and respectful way.

Step Two: Always do your class work and homework. Never slack off because, again, that can give them a reason to single you out and when you complain, the teacher can just fire back that you don’t try in their class.

Step Three: Never be late to class. If you are, make sure you have a pass. That way you have your excuse to be out of class and they won’t be mad.

Step Four: Lastly, if you have a problem with the teacher, after making sure you do all these things, go to your dean or guidance counselor. Write down what you want to say to make sure you don’t miss anything and that your dean or principal takes you seriously.

I am almost positive if you follow these steps you can beat that teacher who you think is trying to make you fail. There is no better slap in the face than for you to pass right under their noses.

The most important thing in school is to be able to grasp every concept so they can be used after leaving high school. Hopefully, these steps will help make the year a success.

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