The Lust to Dance

June 2, 2008
By Paige Rollins, Perry, OH

You are sitting on the chair, waiting for everybody to arrive. Different color lights fly across your face. You are impatient. You want the music. You want it so badly that your whole body is aching for it. Aching for the beats and the rhythm of music. Now, everybody is here. You and your friends walk onto the dance floor; preparing for the first beat. The first song to be played by the DJ. Now, the DJ is ready and pushes the button. The music is finally here.

At first, you are about to burst with energy but you close your eyes and hold back that burst. You must find the beat first. The music echoes in your ears…it makes a tingling sensation that forms over your skin as your mind dances with the music. Imagination flows through your mind as you imagine a body of yourself dancing with the music and the body is perfectly mimicking the beats in the music. Your eyes flash open and your arm gets the music’s first beat that comes. You get the next beat perfectly with your foot and your hand. You continue to catch the beats of the music. Then, the tingling sensation takes over you…controlling your mind. With that fact, you know now that you belong to the music and you cannot escape it. So, as the sensation controls you, you are overflowed with music and it seeps into your veins; making you want more as if you were addicted to it. Your veins pump in time with the music as so does your body. Your eyes find everybody staring at you in amazement or in observant expression. You smile, not because of having the spotlight but because of the enjoyment you have dancing with the music. Then, the song ends and you wait for the next one. You notice you ache all over from dancing so fiercely and you decide to relax for a little while…the next song comes on. You fight the tingling sensation as it forms over you skin…but the tingling sensation is drawing you as like blood draws a vampire. After a few seconds of fighting the sensation, you give in to the sensation because you know you cannot break free of its control and so, you let the music overflow you again.

Now, you lay in your bed and your muscles become heavy as if they are made of lead but you still feel the tingling sensation. You slip right away to a heavy sleep…even in the dream, you can feel it! The feeling of your veins pumping and aching for more…more music.

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