Grandpa's Wedding

June 2, 2008
By Justina Cooney, Medford, OR

A remarriage is typically no fairy tale story for family members who were close to the ex-wife/husband of the person getting remarried. This wedding was no exception. The women in my family love to make the best of the situation at hand. So with flaming Italian emotion, several angered women and my loyal nature I came up with the most exhilarating plan.

It all happened last summer, less than one year before the glue that kept my family together (also known as my grandmother) past away, my entire family was invited to the wedding. We knew they had been seeing each other casually it was defiantly shocking news. Aunts and the older grandchildren hated Sharel or Sharon whatever her name is. She was eight years older than him and didn’t have a sense of family, style or good food, but what can you do he had made up his mind. Since not going was not an option we decided to show how greatly annoyed we were in a different fashion.

A few days before the “big day” my mom, her six sisters and I went shopping for what to wear. Since not one of us had been put in the wedding we didn’t have to worry wearing bridesmaid dresses. Each one of picked out cute little black cocktail dresses with accents either on the dresses or on our shoes with my Grandmas trade mark print, Leopard.

Needless to say the happy newly-weds faces were priceless when the eight of us sat in the front row with somber looks on our faces. She thought she had scored a handsome, rich, younger Italian man, but what she didn’t know is that even though my pig of a grandfather wasn’t going to honor his first 35 year marriage, his loyal daughters and granddaughter would be happy to do it for him.

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