June 2, 2008
By Chrissy Pettey, Medford, OR

It resides in the sticky and semi-humid streets of California, of which citizens partake in daily activities consumed by the natural addiction of an adrenaline rush. The moment of truth for children to experience a sensation of pure indulgence and provides an unthreatened environment to peregrinate the unknown of this world. This exotic place, know as Disneyland, where a multitude of diverse people diverge to seek a “larger than life” spectacle of magic only yearning for one thing, freedom. All of which became possible by Walt Disney.

Sauntering down Main Street USA can be quite overwhelming for the habitual child in his preference to encountering Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the first time. An occasion similarly compared to that of when a baby takes their first steps. One day he can be found mounted against the couch, and the next second he is tottering hesitantly into the awaiting arms of the broad and teary eyed parents who know the significance of independence that awaits the child from this particular instance. Let’s not forget about the secret aroma invading the space of the nostrils and thus persuading my instincts to buy a Mickey Mouse ice-cream cone. The countless times this pertained to me can not be identified, however the concentrated creamy flavor added with infused milk and cinnamon already provides for an appetizing account. Exploring the lands of nostalgia, color, and delight make it for an interesting evening as the fireworks show begins to play. Disneyland being known for their electrical light fireworks performs an amusing show. The radiant yet refined lights aluminates the sky, making an allusion of red, purple, blue, and green strokes of fog compacted together, leaving a daze of blurry marks to flood the sky. But more importantly to me, Disneyland is a time of relaxation. Where my body is a free weight and gravity is non-existing. My family dwells in the ambience of a particular place where a child and adult can be calculated on the same level, and have no worries in the world. Dealing with the trials and tribulations of a society strictly based on poverty, war, death, abuse, and suffering, Disneyland has the ultimate tribute to a stunning and magical dreamscape. The breeze is silent yet breathtaking, the sounds can be heard from miles but still are refined, and the transformation of this exposure stays with a person for all eternity.

My life embodies this place, just like the significance of a heart to ones survival. The offering and “happily ever after” dedicates immersive storytelling that can be handed down from generation to generation. Stories that allow the mind to maneuver itself to an unknown world; a scuffling of ideas. Through moments shared with your family like these, the true bonding awaits you in a questionable yet unpredictable manner. Just consider the freedom that we are taking for granted and remember to admire the inspiring spectacular of fondest moments developed like that from a camera and then transferred to a life portrayed as forever.

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