How I Was Tested

June 2, 2008
By omer ibisevic, Manchester, NH

In the fifth grad I got into a fight at Beech Street School, and I got suspended. The principal called my house and left a message on the answering machine. When I came home, I erased the message so my parents wouldn’t find out that I was suspended for three days because I and another kid had fought at recess.

We were playing basketball, first it started out as an argument over who won the match then it escalated into a fight.

When the teachers broke us up, we were sent to the principal’s office. He called both of our parents and left messages. My parents never received the message because I erased the message. For the next three days my plan was to stay home and watch television all day long and pretend like I went to school abut be at the house watching television until 2:30. That worked for all there days. The third day was a Friday and the weekend was coming up I just went to my cousins house that night for a while and then returned to my house.

On Saturday is when the mail man brings the mail, so I taught “oh I’m so good I got away with that.” When I woke up on Saturday morning my dad was sitting on the couch. He asked me “what did u do in school on Thursday?” He was hoping I would lie to him so he could bust me twice as bad. But when he asked me I was wondering: should I tell him the truth or should I risk lying and get in double the trouble. I decided to tell the truth. I knew that my dad was testing me to see if I would lie to him. He was angry because I didn’t tell him what was happening is school, but he was proud that I didn’t lie to him when he asked me so, was only grounded for not telling him about the fight. He wasn’t even that angry that I had gotten into the fight, because I didn’t start it.

This test taught me to always tell my parents if some thing important happens in my life so I wouldn’t end up getting in trouble afterwards.

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