June 2, 2008
By Jessica Galvan, Aurora, CO

i hate this life as we live in a masked world. should i conform or be real and just deal with myself? i really hate the words they choose to describe a me that never existed...different, strange, better and worse... is being myself worse than being plastic and unreal? i'm really not that bad. i dance when i'm bored. i sing in joy. i am one who cries when books have sad endings and the world just dies. i have a sister whose hatred comes and goes. my twin brother is distant, and remains in my heart. little brother is funny with a heart of gold. my family is weird and i am not disappointed that their weirdness has rubbed off on me. i think my own thoughts and can occassionally be witty and funny at the same time. i firmly believe in the bohemian ideals of beauty, truth, freedom, and love. my favorite movies are the Breakfast Club, Moulin Rouge, and Children of Men. i hate war along with everyone else, but I sometimes cry because of it. i love green and pink is not my color. my poetry is random and sometimes sad, but that is the world right? i love to learn and dream of someday learning to love. people sometimes piss me off but i never tell them so. i have 75 books in my library and they all involve love and the losing of it. my favorite bands are the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fall Out Boy,and My Chemical Romance. punk rockers don't bother me and the government does. My mom drives me crazy and i secretly hate my "friend's" girlfriend. That is me and i don't hate myself for it. Is that so bad? my friends don' t seem to hate me and the world has not yet crumbled at my feet. I am myself and i don't hate myself for it.

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