June 2, 2008
By Jennifer Talesman, Delray Beach, FL

I was living in a little ghost town on the side of the world that I never dared venture before. I was sitting in a beaten down room with no walls, blank halls, and empty stares. You reached your hand in to pull me out, risking the knives that hung from my mouth, my fascination so clear but facing the opposite side of you. The teeth sunk in harder than the words and the blood meant nothing 'cause the feeling is what hurt and I wasn't sorry at all. But baby I think you've got it a little confused, I was well prepared and protecting you, and in convincing myself I found a little truth, but now you won't come back. I'd scream across the city if it meant anything at all, but this one takes time. You're a few minutes away but I probably won't see you too soon. It all blew in faster than the breeze could, your lips and your eyes and oh god your arms, wrap them tight around me, I should have known when I felt it, but I wasn't sorry at all. If anything was real you cannot hide it for too long, I know you've been beaten down but all I want is to make you strong, and I know it's hard to stay and even harder to care, but that isn't me, deep breaths of deep air I need you here.

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