The Poor Homeless Woman

May 31, 2008
By michelle huang, New York, NY

I was in a resturant when a really poorly dressed woman came in. She looked homeless, and was pretty old. She had so many bags in her hands and was dressed in poor clothes. I don't know why, but my eyes followed the lady as she walked in.
“Can I use the bathroom?” She asked the man at the counter.
“Our bathroom is closed.” The man lied.
I knew it wasn’t close because a guest had just used it probably 10 minutes ago. The poor homeless woman looked sad as she turned around and headed for the door. I felt bad for her. I wondered how did she ended up like that.
To my surprise, on her way out, she asked a guest sitting down for a dollar. The guest was having a conversation with another man sitting down across from him, so he pulled out his wallet and gave her a dollar, but also a nasty look. The homeless woman said thank you and left. I wasn’t surprise because I saw a weird and poor homeless person, but because it was the first time I actually paid attention or notice a homeless poor person and thought of them in a different way besides just some unclean people.

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