Conquer Your Fears

May 30, 2008
By Bryce Parry, Park City, UT

“Don’t worry Bryce. You’ll be fine, just try it.” My friend says as we ride up the chairlift at Park City Mountain Resort. “I know I’m going to have to conquer my fears though.” I answer uncertainly. The long traverse to Kings Crown seems like an eternity. I feel unusually comfortable, which is very peculiar considering a minute ago I was scared like a Kindergartener on his first day of school. I slowly edge myself to the top of the hill.
I always wanted to try Kings Crown. But I never was able to gather up enough courage to hurl myself off of the thirty-foot jump that always stood there mocking me.
I look down on the seeming colossal jump. I watch several other people fly off the jump. I ask a bystander, “What’s the speed?” The skier replies, “Straight in… if you don’t, you will case.” When you case, you land on the flat part of the jump and shatter your shins and ankles. The moment he says that I suddenly become very afraid. What if I don’t go fast enough, and I case the jump? If I case, will I break my ankles? What if my ski season is over, then I won’t be able to ski or do any sport at all.
The jump is surprisingly quiet. I am the only person there. With my adrenaline running high, somehow I gather up enough courage and start skiing down the hill. As I speed down the hill I hear a little voice in my head. I know you can make it. Wait, your whole ski season is on the line. What if your parents get mad? You’re not goi… It is too late. I’m already flying off the jump. I can’t even finish my thought. Fifteen feet high, I soar weightlessly over the thirty-foot gap. I somehow pull off a near perfect landing from somewhere inside of me. Very relieved I slide up next to my friend. “I’ve done it.” I say as if I’ve conquered a great beast. “Very nice, very nice.” My friend says casually.
We ski down to the chairlift, get on, and slowly ride up again. I say boldly, “Let’s go do it again.”
Without even hesitating I launch myself down the hill. I fly off the massive jump, land, make the split second reaction, and I take to the air on the second, much bigger jump. I am so proud of myself and I am overwhelmed with pride and joy. This morning as my family and I arrived, I would have never thought that I would try the prestigious jumps in Kings Crown. I overcame all thoughts about falling and getting hurt, and I did it.
This experience has taught me one thing. Facing your fears or worries builds confidence, self-esteem, and a whole lifetime of adrenalin.

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