Baseball Horror

May 29, 2008
By Austin Williamson, Park City, UT

My embarrassing moment happened over two years ago in Scottsdale AZ during the baseball season. I was about 11, and I was really bad at baseball. I could not catch for my life, and I couldn’t throw; worst of all I could not hit the ball at all.
One of the worst baseball seasons was when I was on the Giants. A few of my friends were on the team, but most I didn’t know. Every time I went up to bat, it would be 3 strikes and “you’re out.” Or if I was lucky, 4 balls and then I would get to go to first base, but that rarely happened.
One time we were playing a game, and I got more than 3 strikes, but they
didn’t care. After a while though, they decided to just let me hit off the tee to make it easier. So I swung but still missed. Instead of hitting the ball, I hit just under the ball, knocking the tee over and having the ball just roll off.

Everybody started to laugh, so I just went back into the dugout. Now they realized I was really bad at baseball, so every time I came up to bat, my team would already get ready to go out on the field. I felt like the team hated me since

I was mostly the cause of there losses. So at the end of the season, I realized that baseball wasn’t for me, so I decided to play soccer, at which I am much better and continue to play today on Park City Extreme.

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