Crew- An Unknown Sport

June 9, 2008
By Rebeca Linhart, Congers, NY

I play a sport not many people know about. Mean a lot of people know what it is, but couldn’t dream of actually dong it. It’s my first year in high school, and as a joke I decided I would join the crew team. Well after just one day of practice, I knew I would love it. I built up from a joke to a full blown passion for this sport. And my team only makes it better. My team is boys and girls together, and when we are together, were a bunch of crazy lunatics. We have worked hard since March, and our season goes until June. It was one of the best times of my life. I knew I always had people who really cared for me, and always willing to make me happy, and all I had to do was make it through the school day to see them. I would sit anxiously waiting through 3rd period, just waiting until the bell rang so I could go on the 40 minute bus ride to practice. We would laugh and goof off on the bus, and have a better time than I had had since the summer. Heck, now I’m not even looking forward to summer, because there is no crew.

Its funny how I was dared to do this sport, and ended up being really good at it. A freshman in high school, and I have the second best erg time on my team. Better than some of the experienced girls! Half way through the season I had decided with my coach that I would put together the 4 best novice rowers and make a boat of my own. But, at the end of the season, too late to enter any races, I was asked to join the experienced rowers. They told me about how my technique was good, and how I pulled my weight. I was very happy to be even asked to join this group. It turns out; I’m actually really good at this sport!

People ask me why I do crew all the time. First I tell them i’m obsessed with the sport and everything about it. I tell them about how i’m joining a club so I can row all year round, and about how I quitting varsity field hockey so I can row. People just look at me strangely. They don’t understand my passion for this sport. The second reason, I tell them about how amazing my team is. I am so close with my girls 8 boat, that I can look at one of the, and even though they have the biggest smile on their face, I know something is wrong. Its true team work what we have. I’ve never loved a team so much! At our last practice for the season, I was practicing in the 4 boat. 2 of our teammates were seniors, bu8t one of them was still out on the water. The girl in my boat got off and we gave her a group hug. She started to cry and told us she would miss us so much. We celebrated her last practice by it being the only year where we ran back down the mountain and jumped into the lake. It was the first and only year we were able to pull off jumping in. our team was confused when they saw just the 4 of us walking back up the mountain soaked, but they gave us hugs for warmth and offered us their dry clothes off their back.

Some of my friends say, oh I want to join crew, but there is no way mi getting up at 3 so I can be at school by 4 to get the bus. Well, to be honest, its one of my favorite parts. The long bus rides with my team at 4 in the morning only get you more pumped for your race. We are so crazy on these bus rides, our coaches don’t understand. Usually, when we get off the bus a few people juts go and start to talk while the other half of the team gets to business rigging the boats. But it’s ok, because everyone on the team does their part.

I am now sure I have found my new favorite sport. It’s not just a sport, but it’s my family all spring, and I can’t wait to continue this sport until I can’t anymore.

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on May. 13 2011 at 4:04 pm
DalmationDots1 BRONZE, Portland, Maine
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I feel the exact same way, I love crew so, so much.  I knew from the first practice that I'd be doing it for life.  :)

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