Unbelieveable Summer

July 12, 2008
By Kaycee Chapman, Ben Wheeler, TX

As I neared the beach I started to think about how school would be next year.
I started to wonder if the guy I liked who I thought liked me would ask me out.
I mean he was so cute and he looked at my all the time and it seemed like he liked me but it’s not like I was going to ask him out. I guess the reason is because he is all popular and I’m like, not!
Well I was memorized by that thought all the way to the beach, but then, as I neared the gate I realized just who was standing by the entrance to the beach, Jason!
That was the guy I liked!
As I slowly walked up toward the gate he just all of a sudden stopped talking to his friend just to look at me.
So as I walked by, his friend said something I couldn’t understand and then Jason hit him, hard!! I’m not sure what his friend said but I had the impression that it was about me.
Well I completely forgot about that because I when I got down to the beach, took off my cover-up, applied my sunscreen, and got my book out I was already thinking about a million different things. Pretty soon I was all wrapped up in my book, and I didn’t even notice that Jason was sitting right behind me!! As I put my book down to go for a swim I realized that no one else was around, but I didn’t care cause I loved being at the beach by myself. Well what I thought was all by myself. As I neared the water I realized that I wasn’t the only one there. I went underwater and two seconds later I heard a slight splash from behind me. As soon as I came up for air I was staring Jason straight in the eyes. I was so close I could’ve kissed him,but I didn’t, all I did was back up. Or at least I tried to, as I tried to back up Jason gently put his hand on my arm. “Britney, I have to say something before I completely fall apart. I have liked you sense 7th grade, I have tried to escape the thought of you but I just can’t do it. My heart can’t take it anymore!” By that time both of us were really sun burnt. “Britney, the only thing I can say is that I love you,” and with that, he kissed me. I felt as it I had fallen into a dream.

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