Safety Net

July 6, 2008
By Sara LeVee, Chicago, IL

I like to say that my standardized scores “aren’t impressive.” It is one of those metaphors that is said to soften the blow like “passed away” instead of “death.” No matter what, a metaphor does not mask the truth.

Standardized tests are supposed to emulate how students will do in college. Now my scores-numbers are what it comes down to-although they do show how many questions I got wrong and how many tricks I fell for, they do not show my potential and how much of a hard-working student I am. I have raised a quarter grade of a C to an A at the end of second semester freshman year. I have passed the swimming test despite how many times I took it and my slight fear of water. These tests are nothing more than papers that ruin the small light inside of a teenage girl that wanted to do something with her life. But these scores tell her that she will be nothing more than a piece of paper that will be thrown away due to unimportance in a college admission’s room.

When the hot tears of frustration and annoyance traced my cheek that Saturday night after opening my letter, I sat exasperated on my floor. I had read one of those review books cover to cover with no satisfaction. I had failed.
So, dear reader, don’t despair at bad scores, you are not alone. Have faith that whatever religion you believe in, whatever higher power there is out there will cast a safety net and you will fall, but you will not get hurt.

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burlotte said...
on Aug. 24 2008 at 12:40 am
I was very touched by Sara's article. It is so true. And she says it so beautifully. Thanks, Sara.


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