Chapter 2 - love never dies

July 22, 2008
By Sierra Centofanti, Campbell, OH

I walked into the classroom, books in my hands. I found an empty seat and sat down. I began to look around, you know see who is in my class. Great, all the Greeks are here. Why do those snobby, preppy, nosey, stuck-up, wanna-be’s have to be in here. I can’t even look at them. I stopped looking at them, I was getting sick to my stomach. I turned my head in another direction and there he was! The boy from the bus?!? He was sitting in the back desk, in the far off corner. His head was down, his hair in his face. He is so cute. Why is he so sad? Maybe I should go say hi. I don’t know I added contradicting myself. I should just leave him alone. Well he seems so lonely, I will go say hi. I mean, whats the worst that could happen? I stood up, determined. I took a step toward him, my eyes on his face, his hair, him. Another step.... “Jordin?” I turned around quickly and there stood Bridgett and Julie.

“No way, you two are in this class too?” I asked them astonished.

“Yeah, isn’t this great now I’m in the same class as Nick isn’t he dreamy?” Julie blurted out in one long sentence.

“Julie, calm down and shut up!” Bridgett shouted at her. Julie’s happy-go-lucky smile disappeared and was quickly replaced by a small fake smile.

“Guys?” We all turned around to see Laine walking into the room. She set her stuff on the empty desk next to us and joined the little group.

“So, were all in the same class? This should be fun!” She said mischief in her voice, trouble in her eyes.

“What are you thinking?” I asked, worried but at the same time interested.

Its weird right, like how you feel differently about certain things. Like you feel the opposite about a feeling you are having. It’s kinda hard to explain. Here we go, if you see someone drop their wallet. You go pick it up and open it, see that it’s filled with cash and you are broke. You feel that you should just return the wallet but then another part of you is thinking that you should take a little money and then return it. I mean that person will never notice. That is how I will explain it and if you don’t understand then you need to go back to LD classes.

“Nothing....!” Laine insisted but she still had that troublesome smirk stuck on her face.

“You better not”.....ding! I was cut off by the bell. I sat down and looked over at the boy. He didn’t pick his head up for anything, not even his name being called for attendance. He just said “Here” and was quiet the whole rest of the period. I have to admit I heard not one word the teacher said. I was thinking about the boy. “Ding” The period was over I got up grabbed my books and left the room talking to my friends about what I missed.

The author's comments:
the 2nd chapter of the book.

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