Chapter 1 - love never dies

July 22, 2008
By Sierra Centofanti, Campbell, OH

“Who is he?” I asked myself as I walked down the bus isle. I found my seat and sat down. I closed my eyes, remembering the dark haired boy that I saw sitting in the front of the bus. He seemed awfully quiet. It was as if he wasn’t even there. He had this very serious face on, he was probably worried about the first day of school. 7th grade already! I couldn’t believe it. Summer had gone by so fast.......

“Hey, what are you thinking so hard about?” I turned to find Bridgett . Katie was a very close friend of mine. She had kinda long brown hair and brown eyes she was a strong Christian and had very strong feelings toward her religion. She was like a vent to me. I could go to her for anything, if I needed to say something to somebody I went to her. If I got confused or was in pain I could tell her about it and she would help. Bridgett and I were always hanging out in the woods.

“Hey whats up Bridgett?” I asked her, trying to change the subject. It didn’t work she caught me.

“Don’t try and change the subject. What were you thinking about?” I looked around for something to save me.

“Julie!” I shouted, at the blonde haired blue eyed girl sitting next to Bridgett. Laine was a Barbie girl. She was book smart but had no common sense.

“Don’t look at me Jordin.” She said to me with a little laugh.

“You are trying to change the subject...again. Tell us what you were thinking about.” Bridgett insisted so I finally gave in to her persistent orders.
“Ok, did you see that boy in the front? The one with the dark hair.” I asked her with a little to much day dream still in my voice.

“The real quiet one? Yeah I saw him. Why?” She asked me quickly. I was stumped not knowing what to say next.

“Um...well...” I couldn’t find any words, that being surprising considering how much I talk.

“Spit it out already, were almost at the school.” She looked at me with full anticipation.

“He’s kinda cute.” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“What?” Julie shouted at me. She had the biggest eyes I have ever seen. They looked as if they might actually pop out of her head. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“What are you laughing at?” Her face softened up a bit and I stopped laughing.

“Nothing, but yeah I think he is kinda cute. Don’t you?” I asked her in my head I was praying she would say yes and that was that but NO nothing ever goes the way I want it to. Like if I was dinging from a cliff and some hobo saw me, he would come over and try to help me but just when I was almost over the edge he would spot a hundred dollar bill and drop me to run after it. YES I finally decided that was just my luck.

“Hey Jordin, you still there its time to get off the bus.” So I grabbed my bag stung it over my shoulder and followed Katie to the front. Just as I was about to get off out of the corner of my eye I saw someone stand up and walk over. I kept walking and was soon off the bus. I turned around in time to see HIM getting off the bus. His hair I could see now was a dark brown and He was wearing a Linkin Park hoodie and his head was down and his face was out of sight. I could see though that his skin was very pale. I walked into the building my brain booming with thousands of questions.
“What is his name? Where did he come from? Why is he so sad? Does he have any friends? But most importantly who is he?!? I hoped all of that would be answered in good time. I had friends to catch up with.

“Jordin!” I was still standing outside. I hurried in the building and to my new locker.

The author's comments:
I have based this book on real life experiences I have had this past year. All the people existed and did the things the books says they did.

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