January 8, 2008
By Cammie Beck, Orem, UT

Summer was such an outgoin person. She was alwyas there to help out anyone
that needed it.

I remember the first time I met her; our friends introduced us. The first thing I
noticed was her eyes, they were the prettiest shade of brown. Her hair was the the darkest
of all colors; black. Her giggle was so sweet and precious. After a couple of months we
decided that we needed a break from reality. We went up to annas' cabin. It was just the
four of us... somehow I think that it was some kind of double date. Everybody wanted us

When we got up there it was so peaceful and quiet. The mountains were freshly
green and the lake was like crystal. Everyone was afraid to get in so I went first. I ran from
the dock and jumped in. The water felt so good on my skin. Everyone joined me. We had a good time
splashing and and enjoying each others company. It was getting late so we decided to go up to
the cabin.

We had to hike through the the forest. It was slippery and muddy. Summer slipped and fell.
It was so funny. Her face was priceless. We stiffled our back our laughs and helped her up.

When we got back to the cabin Summer took a shower. She then joined us around the campfire.
Seeing all of the colors bounce of her skin looked like a sunrise.

I was tired so I decided to hit the sack, and as usual everyone followed suit. When we got up to our
room. I was too tired to talk to Robert. So I fell asleep pretty fast.

The next morning we got up and and ate breakfast around the campfire. When we got up there the
coals were still burning.

"Hey guys do you mind if I go do a couple laps around the lake? I'll be back in thirty minutes."

"No sure go ahead. We'll be here." and she letf.

Thrity minutes past, and that turned into an hour, and that turned into two hours. I decided
to go look for her after three hours.

I wasn't at all prepared for for what lied ahead of me. When I got to the lake I saw Summer lying on the
shore. Her lips were blue and she was cold... dead cold. She wasn't breathing either. I quickly gathered her up in my
arms and took her up the cabin. We called the paramedics and they were comming. We tried CPR over and over
again but it was too late. The paramedics came and pronounced her dead.

The bell rang.

That was one of the most hardest things I had ever had to do in my life. Everytime I remember Summer I
get this pain in my chest that reminds me that she is really dead.

" Okay class we will finish our memory stories tomorrow."

I quckly gathered my things and prepared to leave class.

" Wait, what happened to Summer? How did she die?" My teacher asked me.

" She hit a rock and drowned."

" Oh. I am sorry for your friend."

" Thank you." was all I replied.

When I left class I had the memory of Summer in my mind and the feeling of her in my heart.

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