My First Soccer Game

June 26, 2008
By Grace Kim, Los Angeles, CA

The surge of energy passed throughout my body as I glared into the blinding sky above. A refreshing breeze hit me as the cool sweat on my forehead dripped off. The sun’s beams burned through the mesh of my shirt. My eyes opened and I saw her. She was like adrenaline on steroids. She put Flash Gordon to shame. Curving through numerous defenders, she kept the ball under control. She was gaining onto me as I stood frozen, I felt belittled and helpless. I suddenly felt sick and unusually lightheaded. I wished to be anywhere but here. I could faintly hear the screams from the sidelines. They were telling me to prepare, to stand, to block; but all I wanted to do was run. She caved into me like a beast, and I was soon to be annihilated. The sense of hope seemed to be shrinking with my ego.
The eternal green stretched widely in front of me with the endless blue over looking. Finally, on impulse, I opened my hands, found my stance, and focused on the pacing ball. My unexpected side of confidence, urged me to fight and hold my wall. Hope arose for I could see the end, and the end was good. My eyes intensely fixed upon the ball, and my concentration was restored. Victory was so close I could kiss Her. I would be cheered and loved for I was going to be a hero. I had to win no matter what; I had to, it was destiny. Her last powerful kick launched the ball. It soared into the air, heading straight toward me as I raised my arms. This was going to be easy… SMACK! Within a millisecond I was on the floor. Tears streamed down my face blending with the blood gushing from my nose. I definitely saw that coming.

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