Let's Talk About Life, Sadness, and Time

December 28, 2007
By Ashley Amthor, Wake Forest, NC

Let's talk about life, sadness, and time.

My real name is faithful girl with a broken past.

Yesterday, my name was lonely ash tree waiting for someone to sit under my shade.

Today, my name is outgoing, but too shy to speak my opinion and wriggling and laughing in my seat as my teacher reads.

Tomorrow, my name will be, "Welcome back home, Smashley," and "I love you, Shlee."

Secretly, I know my name is drama queen staring at the murky rain puddle and, "Don't cry, Shopgirl."

If you ask my journal, my name would be Ashley, the girl with too many dreams to count and if you ask the sky, my name would be too busy staring at the scads of clouds instead of doing my homework.

My name once was forgotten flower resting in the light of the sunset; ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

But right now, my name is just Ash.

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