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December 17, 2007
By matt hulsing, Nicholasville, KY

When was the last time you helped someone? Almost every day you help someone but might not realize it. I believe that helping others is important and makes everyone a better person.

Everyday after social studies we go straight to lunch. One day I had forgotten to bring money to buy my lunch. I asked all my friends if they had a couple dollars that they could loan me. Jonathon gave me the money for lunch, the next day I paid for his. That was important because if he hadn’t of loaned me the money then I would have been hungry for the rest of the school day and probably been in a bad mood.

One of my friends from school who always procrastinates on his projects or long tem assignments. At nine pm, the night before the project was due he called me and asked me if I would help him finish it, so I agreed to help. I told him that I will help him this time as long as he promises not to wait till the last minute on the next assignment. After about 5 hours of working on this PowerPoint we were finished, it was two am. The next day at school he turned it in and got an A. Even though I was tired that whole day after only getting 4 hours of sleep, I felt good about myself, it was important to help him.

While in the Florida Keys we were on my uncle’s boat fishing and relaxing when the shark rod we had out went off. We knew it had to be a huge fish to swallow the huge piece of bait we had used. I grabbed the rod and set the hook on the fish. After a tiring thirty minutes of struggling to catch the fish my cousin Steven wanted in on the fight so I gave the pole to him. Finally after four hours of this we could see the fish in the water near the side of the boat. It was about a eight to nine foot nurse shark. If we didn’t take turns and help each other, than there is no way that we could of successfully caught the fish.

These are three personal experiences that taught me to believe that it is important to help others. I hope that by reading this you might think more about why you should help others.

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