Two Kinds of Pain

December 17, 2007
By james lanham, Nicholosville, KY

Have you ever experienced pain? Well, I have. There is the pain that comes from pushing yourself too hard to achieve something, and then there’s the kind from not pushing hard enough. For example, you can work out too much and too long and it can hurt you physically. On the other hand, you can push your self too little and it can hurt your self esteem, confidence, and many other aspects of your life in the long run. I believe that there are two kinds of pain.
When I had tryouts for the school soccer team, I had to work very hard every day. I did non-stop drills until I couldn’t feel my legs. I had to work on my core until it hurt to move. Quitting was not an option though, so I had to tell myself to keep going. It paid off too. I made the team, and I continued to work hard all season.
When I tried out for the travel team for ice hockey I was working hard every second. I was skating around the rink until I felt sick, but I couldn’t give up, I had to push just a little bit harder. I lifted weights until I couldn’t feel my arms, and still kept going. It all paid off in the end, and I made the team. I was also a starter, and I got MVP award.
Hard work and commitment are very important. To get to where you want to be in life, you must set your mind to it.

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