December 14, 2007
By stacie bruening, Hartland, WI

Creative, bright ideas aren’t something that comes, natural to Stacie. She’s not the type of person who can sit down and come up with something “magical.” She thinks what she think and it’s simple. She enjoys writing, but usually in order for her to write, it has to be assigned. She doesn’t write in her free time. In her free time for excitement she enjoy things like running, soccer, soccer tennis, and watching movies. Every Sunday, she sits down with her best friend to watch the Packer game. She is a number one fan who is nothing less then 100% devoted to the team and you will find her wearing the Green Bay Packers number 4 jersey every Sunday.

She is a good writer when she actually writes. When she was younger she had a book published and won $200.00 for it. Also, she won a spot in the newspaper for a writing competition titled “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up.” Other then that, she hasn’t had many high quality writings that are interesting enough to keep reading. Her favorite person in the world, and most important person, is her best friend, who you will find she does pretty much everything with.
Some things that inspire her to write are common situations around her that she knows everyone goes through. In order to get ready to write, she has to be secluded and among silence and or music, but she can’t concentrate with others around. Also, she hates having other people read her writings, which is pretty ironic seeing as the whole point of writing is for someone to read it. She doesn’t know if she’ll go anywhere with writing or pursue writing in any way, but for the mean time she will write in order to pass time, and her class.

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