Distance Relationships

December 13, 2007
By Tyler Odom, Mcdonough, GA

Distant relationships are seen by most people a torture of emotional values, and something that can be dangerous depending on the age of its members. The more you have in common with someone, the better the chance of a good relationship. Cell phones, internet, and other wireless devices have enabled people to communicate throughout the world and come together easily without having to travel or pay large fees. I myself, have been a victim of this, and have experienced a great outcome as it has both provided me with a large amount of social exersize, and the love of my life.

At the age of twelve, I wondered ignorantly through numerous online activites that held such chat rooms with my friends at school and people I met online. As I carefully continued to do these activities, under the adult supervision of my parents, I utilized a large amount of friends including people I had seen at school, and others as extensive as New York, Europe, and even Australia! I became very popular with people I became friends with online. It was heaven to me as I could access hundred of friends with the single click of the power button!

Years later, after exersizing this social way of life, one of my friends (a girl who I had met online) became a great friend, then a even greater friend, and then, my so called “girl-friend.” My mother, startled as should could ever be, actually encouragaed me to hang around with this girl! I don’t know how, and why, she trusted these people to hang around with me, and even to a more higher extent, actually encouraged us to become more than “friends.” Me and this girl “hung around” for a while, exchanged phone numbers under the supervision of my mom, and began calling eachother during the off-peak hours of business days. Year after year, hour after hour, we talked extensively on the phone ( I remember once talking on the phone straight for 8 hours! ) and began to learn more about eachother and play more games together. Three years ago, she came over to my house for the first time. We hugged and kissed just like a boyfriend and girlfriend would have done if they had known eachother all of their lifetime. She visits often (about once per month) and we go on countless dates.

Long distant relationships has proven to me a good side. It can be both safe and dangerous depending on the “eagle eye” your parents have on you and how much time you manage to get online. Play safe, and don’t abuse the freedom some people enjoy having online without adult supervision as it has led up to murder cases, and of course, a perfect relationship. Know the rules of the road and online may be the thing for you.

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