Life Lessons Go a Long Way

December 13, 2007
Although life lessons or small, little sayings of wisdom may seem boring or a waste of your time, never ignore them because you never know when it could help you out. My dad is usually the one to say these things to me and most of the time, I just blow him off and I don’t listen. Looking back now on all those times that I ignored my mom or dad, makes me wish I had. I could’ve missed out on some very important insight that could one day hold true to me. When there was a time where I did listen to what my parents had to say to me, sometimes, I would never take the time to think about it, I would just accept it and keep on living life. If I did, it would take a long time for me to figure it out, but when I did figure it out, it felt like I was a completely different person.

I do believe that listening and understanding wisdom said to me by my elders has been able to have a positive impact on who I am.

At school, I am always able to here something that could provide me with some insight whether it is from other students or my teachers. Of course if my teachers tell me something important, I have most likely already heard it before. My coaches on my soccer team have always said something that has been helpful and it always keeps me focused on what I need to do in a game or what I need to do to improve. I suppose “Practice makes perfect” could be a good example. It is very true though and it can help a lot if you know what you want to accomplish.

I used to think that listening to wisdom that others had to tell me was a waste of time and that I didn’t need to pay attention to it, or I didn’t want to take the time to listen to them. Looking back I realize that I should’ve never ignored anything that anyone had to say to me because I wouldn’t have known when it could be very beneficial in my life. Just recently, I got angry with my dad and he said something to me that I didn’t want to listen to, but now that it’s over, I want to think about it and I want to better understand its meaning.

A lot of life lessons have come my way throughout my life from many different people and most of them have helped me out a lot and I’m glad that I didn’t ignore what those people had to say to me.

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