Hate Crimes

December 12, 2007
By Jessica shannon, Williamstown, NJ

There has been a lot of hate crimes being committed lately. These are acts of discrimination. Discrimination is acts of cruelty towards others who are different. For example, if someone is a Nazi, or believes in Nazi ways, might spray-paint a swastika on a Jewish synagogue. Some causes of crimes like this are fear and hate. There could also be some jealousy, labeling or ignorance. Everybody comes from a different background, so there will be culture differences.

Some causes of discrimination are fear and jealousy. If someone isn’t the same as you, they might feel intimidated, or the might hate, just because. They might wear different clothes, or practice different religions. This might trigger some hatred, and scape goating. If something goes wrong, people will blame the different people, like in World War two.

Another cause of discrimination is jealousy. People label people with stereotypes, some good some bad. If someone is labeled with something like “dirty”, or “stupid”, they might act upon those who call them that or upon the people who are labeled “smart”, or “beautiful”. People might say African Americans are murders, or Germans are Nazis. These labels can be hurtful.

Different cultures cause a lot of confrontation. If you cele brate a certain holiday or wear something different, you could be made fun of, or hurt. If people are handicapped, they might be harassed because they cannot fight back. It can be the person that gets hurt or is hurting someone that discriminates. If someone makes fun of someone for wearing a berka, the person wearing the berka might hurt him or her for making fun of your culture, or the person might hurt the person wearing the berka because they think they are a terrorist or something.

People act on their fear, hate, jealousy, and differences for many reasons. People don’t need to hate or be afraid of skin color, religion, shape, weight, disabilities, culture, language, age, gender, and appearance. Hate crimes are being committed and they need to stop!!`

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