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December 12, 2007
By Lacey Sponcil, Wilmore, KY

What would the world be like if nobody got scared? Or if we never get scared would we die trying something we couldn’t? How easy do you get scared? I believe that it’s ok to be scared.

I was watching a movie at home by myself! I was watching Dead Silence!!! My parents were gone, they went to Mead County to drop off a transmission. All of a sudden KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK on my window!!! I looked outside and didn’t see any thing and cause it was dark outside. Then I started watching the movie again and I herd it again KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. I jumped and looked out the window again, nobody was out there I called 911 and they were sending officers out to see what was going on. As soon as I hung up the phone I herd it again KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. My parents weren’t fast enough I saw them move away from the window. So they scared the crap out of me, because they did that I got scared I called the cops. I learned that it was ok to be scared, because if I wasn’t scared in a real situation, I wouldn’t of called the police.

But the scaring doesn’t stop there. I was riding my dirt bike with my mom step-dad and my step- sister. I was watching some really HOT guys go up a really rocky, steep hill. I told my family to go on and I’ll catch up later. So being the smart person I am I said, “here let me show you how it’s done” So I got I got back and put it in first gear and went. I got about half way up and I accidentally pulled the throttle all the way back. I ended up doing a wheelie the rest of the way up!!! After I got off the hill, and I had about 200 feet of flat land, my body was still frozen, I had about 30 feet of land left before I got to the edge and I let go and pulled the brake in. I was so embarrassed. All they guys laughed at me. If I wasn’t scared I wouldn’t of pulled in the brake and I would of just crashed…

From the hot guy to the big truck you can get just as scared! It was me, my step dad, and my step sister. I was driving Bobby’s (my step dads) truck! Which I might inform you it was huge a dodge diesel truck. We were going to my grandparent’s house, while driving down their driveway you have to drive under this bridge. I knew that it was there it just scared me because it was so old. Witch I might say I never driven under in the dark!!!! We were there, I got so nervous finally, I got up the confidence I was going then all of a sudden HONK, HONK, HONK!!! A train goes across the bridge right as I was going under it. The bridge was rocking and shaking, I hit the brakes and swerved, and took my hands off the wheel! I wasn’t expecting a train to go across right as I was going under. If I didn’t get scared then I would of not learned to expect the unexpected.

He, who has fear is the beginning of wisdom. If I never got scared what would life be like? Being scared is a huge part of my life; you know life would be boring nothing to look forward to!!! NO excitement, NO pressure, and NO FEAR…

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