December 10, 2007
The is the only father I have ever known. When I was 5 years he started something I could never forget. It was odd how much it aftet me he read Harry Potter to use. From that moment on I loved them, he would do the acsens of the charters and read three or four chapters a night. When the would travel we used to make mum read them but it was never the same. When he read with the voice the charters came alive it was the best time of my young life. It opened up a world to me I can never closew. That every day man read the first 5 Harry Potter books to his two over eger childern. I give him a hard time. But in the end not many men would do that. But I got lucky I get the dad that swims with us in freezing weather, that work at a job he dislikes, yeah I got lucky

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Fanny said...
Aug. 21, 2008 at 12:08 am
Jessica writes from her heart and deserves every bit of encouragement that is possible
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